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Fair Tides

Fair Tides is our monthly newsletter. In it you can find updates on our cruising plans and tidbits about the comings and goings of the members. We'll post highlights from the current issue here and have the entire issue plus past issues available for download as a pdf. Please don't hesitate to contact us and contribute to our flow of information.

Copies of Fair Tides
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January 2022
April 2022
Breaking News

The Haven Yacht Club has established a custom online apparel store for our members with Queensboro Shirt Company, our main supplier. We've populated the store with a variety of apparel and accessories. This means that our members can register, log in and shop for THYC logo items at any time, select styles, sizes, colors, etc. to your liking, pay direct and have the items shipped to your home. At this time we have only embroidered items in the store but may expand to printed materials in the future. The store is now live on our website under "THYC Store".